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PFLAG asked me to write this letter for there publication


Dear Moms and Dads,

      When I was asked to write this letter, I couldnít decide if I was writing a new treatment protocol or a new way of living with AIDS. Let me tell my story and you decide.

      First let me get my history out in brief. Being single in Seattle in the late seventies was a deadly thing as it turns out. Sixteen years ago I had my HIV test and of course it came back +. That was no surprise to me, or my lover, we moved back to Erie PA 15 years ago already +.

      Over the last sixteen years we received treatment everywhere from the Cleveland Clinic to Seattle menís center, to San Francisco CA. In search of any treatment that held hope. I would have gone anywhere, I thought there would be hope. Lee, that was my loversí name. He was always coming down with something and always took longer to get over it. Leeís search ran out three years ago in San Francisco he passed,

      After several attempts at suicide and one close call with death I found a reason to live. Actually a calling to live. Thatís when I found the Colloidal Silver, quite by accident, although nothing in this world is a total accident. But I started taking the silver supplement and right off I felt better and my skin looked fabulous. Ok let me back up one minute. In the beginning my t-4 count was 575, so you all know what that means, my doctor then estimated that I was probably + for 5 years or so that put the POZing date around the same time I met Lee, in Seattle. Finding out was not a big deal for us we were very ready for that. We had been together for 5 years then and were ready for the fight of our lives and together we could deal with anything.

      I avoided all drugs to treat HIV. I tried AZT at first with Lee and puked my guts out all night, the very first night. So I was determined I wasnít going to live life like that. We always felt that quality of life was more important than quantity of life. Finally four years ago after a battle with numo. I started taking a cocktail of Norvier, Eppiver, Zerit, Fortovase and Septra. My viral load was now 500,000 and t-4 were 125 and t-8 were 100. I had the usual bettering of my blood draws but it did not last for long a few years, then things started getting worse again.

      After four years of this regiment I was failing to a point that my doctor suggested I change my cocktail. My viral load was up to 750,000, my t-4ís were down to 25 and my t-8ís were at 0. Worse was my energy was totally gone. I couldnít go from my bedroom to momís table for food I was so weak, I had to take a break half way to the kitchen, some days mom would bring food to me.

      Back to the Sliver treatment. A good friend told me about this Silver she was giving to her horses with great results during the winter hear horses get a infection, very common, but her horses didnít get it since she had been giving them the Silver. She also gave it to her kids when they would come down with a sore throat, and it seemed to work better than anything else she ever gave them. Well I was so sick that I decided to look very close at this. There is not much around about it, in fact I found nothing at first. I was so sick I think I would have taken anything at that time. I did know going into it there were some risks involved, such as ageria, thatís a condition when the silver goes all the way to the skin level from the blood, this is a slight graying of the skin. My doctor said it was not a life threaten thing but if it happens it will be permanent.

      After two or three weeks I knew there was something truly miraculous here. My teeth were getting whiter and felt smother, the bacteria, pack was gone. My skin was the first thing along with my energy that mom noticed changing. My acne that I suffered with since a child, was going away. That is when mom and I had a talk about the risks of staying on the Silver full time. You are only recommended to stay on it for 2 weeks at a time, according to the pakg. Label. After three months I felt like a new person. My blood draw showed, my t-4ís were up to 400 and my t-8ís were up to 1,200, and my viral load was down to 0, yeah I know this canít happen. Even my doctor did not believe the results and ran another blood draw at another lab, with the ultra sensitive viral load done this time. Well it confirmed the findings and the viral load was less than 50, you know the ultra sensitive test does not come back 0 only less than 50, at best. But to mom the best thing was that my energy was almost normal, what ever that is.    Now I knew in my heart I had stumbled upon something miraculous here. I decided to do everything in my power to make the best of it. I felt like I was given a second chance again. When you are given a second chance you donít blow it so I started exercising.     

      This is where my mental attitude changed for the better. My energy was so good that I started jogging, well walking at first then moved to jogging right away. First one blocks then two then three and now I run 3 miles each day. I also started college, so I could learn Web Design so I could get this and other information out to folks suffering with this terrible thing. I am also for the second time very involved with community. The past 5 years or so Lee consumed all my time and had no time for other things. So we were users of services and had no time to contribute to them.

      Now entering my new phase in life. I council AIDS folks on a regular basis, trying to help others live a more full, meaningful life. And my body has responded to all the positive mental and physical stuff. Now I am no saint, not by a long shot. I have my bad days when I just have to cut loose and party, but I keep it to a minimum, and most important carry no guilt over my bad boy ways,Ē Stress KillsĒ.

      My most resent blood draw in October 1999 shows more good results. My t-4ís have come up again to 600 and my viral load was still at 0, I was so excited by this, since my very first t-4 was 575 back in 1985. I forgot to find the t-8 results. You may contact me later to find out that.

      Last month I went to run the NYC Marathon and meet with AMFAR in NYC. Well I didnít complete the Marathon I ran 10 miles and that was still great. And more bad news AMFAR is very gun shy of any new treatments until there is some basic research; some guys that were hyping things for monetary reasons burned them. They have referred me to two other sources that may be able to help. I donít want much I just want this looked at by the Fed. Gov. but that is another story and I am not done with AMFAR yet.

      Well there is more to my story, I had a new blood draw just this month, April 2000. And my viral load is still undetectable but best of all is my T8ís are now 1,865. My T4ís havenít changed any more. I am sure this is due to the Colloidal Silver I have been on for the last 15 months.

      If I have learned anything in these long years of living and dying with AIDS itís this. Get involved with your own health, and others as well. I have tried lots of things some have helped and some have not, but none hurt me. I truly believe that a healthy mind and body can deal with this better than anything I have found in my 16 years of dealing with HIV. There is something to helping others that helps you, there is a lot of medical research being done right now that points to the mind being more help with AIDS than previously thought.

      PS. I have no interests in any Colloidal Silver co. I am an ex-hairdresser now studying computer programming. Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail add. And I will respond as soon as possible.

Today March 6th   2000, I went to see my doctor and had the best results I have ever had about my blood. The latest blood draw came back and my T-8ís were 1,865. Yes I said 1,865, the best they have ever been. 600 in 1985 was the first blood draw I had done, and have gone down to 100 just last year. I attribute this totally to the Colloidal Silver I have been taking for the last 1year and 3 months. I take 1 teaspoon two times a day. My T-4 were 600 and my viral load was undetectable.


Today Sept. 1st  2000, My Cd4 is 980 and Cd8 is 2,100. Viral load is still undetectable . Now I will stop most of my hiv meds, the only thing I will continue to take is Zerit and Eppiver. These seem to be the least imposing on my regular system so I will continue for now with them. Hopefully in the near future I can even stop these two drugs and only take the Colloidal Silver.