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Free Colloidal Silver Report

Hans Kugler, Ph.D., author of the best-seller, Slowing Down the Aging Process and editor of the medical journal, Preventive Medicine Update, said: “The medical field is finally waking up to the fact that the body is not going to respond favorably to designer drugs,” which have been the rage for the last 45 years. Nature gave us all the tools for healing; we just have to find the right one for the right job. Electrically Generated Colloidal Silver is one of those tools, and the best germ fighter ever found.

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that prior to World War II, the most powerful antibiotic was silver! Yes the same kind of silver that your jewelry or silverware is made from, but it was ground up into small particles and suspended in a fluid. It is called colloidal silver.

It was doctors’ most useful potion because it killed over 650 different illness-causing organisms—bacteria, viruses and fungi. But, there were problems with it. Back then, CS cost about $400 per treatment (in today’s dollars) making it very expensive. Health insurance was practically nonexistent, so only the wealthy could afford it. Also, no one could grind up the silver into small enough particles that would be absorbed by the stomach, so it had to be injected by needle, making it inconvenient to use at home, as well as painful. After a month or so sitting in the bottle, the silver particles would stick and clump together making it unusable.

In 1928 Dr. Alexander Fleming discovered that Penicillium, taken from a green mold, could kill certain bacteria. However, chemists couldn’t grow enough of the mold to make it commercially viable. During WWII, they found a way to make it synthetically out of chemicals, and penicillin was born. It became the rage among doctors, much to the delight of the drug companies.

A new era began in medicine with patented synthetic chemicals making the drug companies very wealthy.  As pointed out in the recent best-selling book, Amazing Medicines The Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Discover; major drug companies won’t sell a medicine they can’t patent, and anything that occurs in nature can’t be patented. So, goodbye silver, and hello to a stream of chemical antibiotic encountered for eye infections. He claimed there were never any side effects or visual impairment as a result to using CS.


Colloidal silver, not only killed bacteria, viruses and bacillus toxins, it bolstered the immune system, according to studies published in a 1916 issue of Transactions of the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The author reported that CS actually doubled the white blood cell counts—our bodies’ major germ fighters.


In the meantime, technology has come to the rescue to the forgotten Colloidal (CS). Instead of grinding up the silver into hard-to-use large particles like they did in the pre-war period, scientists found they could use electricity to break down the particles to as small as 1/10,000 of an inch—much smaller that you can see with the naked eye. Also, the electricity gave the tiny particles identical electric charges, which cause them to repel each other. This means no more clumping. This new silver is called “Electrically Generated Colloidal Silver”.


Scientist found that using a tiny bit of this new CS worked better than the large amounts of the ground silver mixed with water, given in the early part of the century. Silver has been known for its health values since before the time of Julius Caesar. The Greeks lined water and wine urns with silver to kill bacteria. The Romans discovered that a poultice of silver helped heal burns, cuts and sores.

Did you know that silverware became popular almost 1.900 years ago for health reasons? Physicians advised their wealthy patients to only eat with silver if they wanted to stay healthy. During the 14th century, about 25% of the people in Europe died from the bubonic plague, which swept through the continent. Wealthy people gave their children silver spoons to suck on to forestall the plague. As you probably realize now, that’s where the expression, “Born with a silver spoon in you mouth, ”came from.

In the United States, people have forgotten that heritage and use plastic pacifiers today. If people are wise, they will return to using silver because babies are very susceptible to all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Chinese fork lore advised families to always have a silver item in their houses in case, someone was bitten by a rabid dog. They were instructed to rub the silver into the wound.Dr. Jerome Alexander, in his book, Colloid Chemistry, said that he tested the concept and found that silver ions were rubbed off the metal and did, indeed, destroy harmful bacteria.

History texts show that serious medical study of CS began in the late 1880s, with it being used to treat typhoid and anthrax bacterial infections successfully.


Dr. Henry Crookes is credited for the wide use of silver in the early 1900s. He used it for subduing gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and straphylococcus, as well as many other infectious organisms. His scientific reports concluded that there wasn’t any known microbe that could not be killed in the laboratory with CS within six minutes. In 1915, Dr. A. Leggeroe found that CS was not only good for babies’ eyes, but it worked for adults as well. He said that it was “the most useful opthalmic remedy” he had ever used. Dr. J. Mark Hovel reported in the British Medical Journal that CS was especially useful in controlling viruses. His studies covered shingles, pyorrhea, whooping cough, throat and nasal infections. The common cold retreated quicker in the presence of CS, according to his report. Medical research on silver dropped by the wayside during the 40s and 50s due to the popularity of penicillin-type drugs. But, in 1963, doctors found that CS was best for destroying yeast infections and fungi.


A new surge of research began in 1970 when Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of the Washington University Department of Surgery and his chief biochemists, Dr. L. Bretano and Dr. H. Margarf, received a federal grant to find better treatments for burn victims.

Most of the antiseptics used for this purpose created more severe problems due to their poisonous nature. Antibiotics worked only for a while before the bacteria on the burnt skin developed immunity to the drugs. In addition, no antibiotic or antiseptic killed the most powerful bacteria known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. After reading some old medical research from the early 1900’s Dr. Margarf decided to try CS. He found that just a tiny amount of silver killed the Pseudomonas bacteria and allowed the burnt tissue to heal.

One of the problems found with silver in the early 1900s,was that large amounts colored the skin a blue-gray, which was called “argyria.” This was due to the huge amounts doctors used and because the particle size was much too large from hand grinding the silver.


Using a very small amount of ultra fine particles of silver, Dr. Bretano found it was the best burn antiseptic, and no matter how often it was used, it did not discolor the skin. Also, the bacteria did not develop and immunity to the silver like they did to antibiotics, according to the results published in the journal, Surgical Forum. Dr. Moyer’s team is responsible for developing the ultra-fine, low-dose, electrically generated colloidal silver being used today.


In 1978 Dr. Jim Powell wrote and article in Science Digest entitled, “Our Mightiest Germ Fighter,” pointing our how much more powerful CS was over antibiotics. The greatest progress CS has made in the last decade is the results of a prominent doctor getting a seemingly incurable disease. That doctor, Paul Farber, is one of the most educated medical scientists in the country holding seven degrees in various health fields.

In 1992 after a hiking trip in Texas, Dr. Farber found he couldn’t get out of bed. He was paralyzed from the chest down. Also, he was in excruciating pain with many of his joints severely swollen. Overnight, the middle-aged doctor was like a crippled 90-year-old who had been suffering form rheumatoid arthritis for decades. His condition puzzled specialist after specialist. Their guesses ranged form multiple sclerosis to the rare Guillain-Barre syndrome-a multiple neuritis-type of affliction.

Confined to his bed only able to move his arms and head, one day Dr. Farber felt a tiny lump in the scalp above his forehead. He suspected a tick was imbedded there. He carefully removed the tick and sent it to Dr. Thomas Craig, a professor of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University. After examining the tick, Dr. Craig suggested that Dr. Farber had Lyme disease, which is caused by this type of tick. Blood tests confirmed it was the terrible Lyme disease (LD), which is named after a small town in Connecticut where an outbreak crippled over 50 people in 1972. Antibiotics, such as penicillin and Rocephin, are the first line of defense against LD, but they are not cures because they only repress the disease. Continuous use of the antibiotics causes a severe form of yeast infection. The drugs have to be stopped until the yeast infection clears up, but shortly after the drugs are withdrawn, the horrible LD symptoms return, and the whole process starts over again—a not very enjoyable roller-coaster ride.

During the high times of his roller-coaster ride, Dr. Farber searched medical literature for something that could possibly destroy the awful bacteria that was making his life so miserable. He immediately began taking CS. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Within a short time, tests at the Neurological Department of Parkland Hospital in Texas showed that the bacteria, was no longer in his body. Clinical research has since shown that LD bacteria, simply hides from the antibiotics; however, recent testing at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia proved that CS does destroy the LD bacteria.

Because CS literally saved his life Dr. Farber has devoted the last few years experimenting with its powerful effects. He wrote a book entitled, The Micro Silver Bullet, and regularly treats patients at his clinic with silver. Dr. Farber found what he calls “ the Dead Sea Scrolls of medicine” in early 1900s research on colloidal silver. Dr. Crookes, comments about it killing a microbe in six minutes got his attention. Then he found doctors Moyer, Bretano and Margarf’s research and development of electrically Generated Colloidal Silver.


One of his most interesting cases was a man named Jack, who worked for a private construction company in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Shortly after returning to the US, Jack developed aching joints, insomnia, persistent high fevers, loss of balance and a total lack of energy. He couldn’t work, and even the famous Mayo Clinic couldn’t determine the cause of his affliction. He saw specialist after specialist, from heart to cancer, but none could pinpoint the cause of his problems. Typical of cut-happy surgeons, they took out his gallbladder, and then they took his spleen. Nothing helped. Finally, Jack heard about Dr. Farber and visited him. The doctor put Jack on CS for eight weeks. Soon, Jack was back working ten hours a day, six days a week like nothing had ever happened.

In his book, Dr. Farber tells about a patient named Yvonne, who had a persistent eye infection that wouldn’t go away. Her ophthalmologist gave her antibiotic eye drops, which would help for about two weeks, and then the infection would return again.

After going through this up and down routine several times, Yvonne visited Dr. Farber. He told her that it used to be a standard practice to put a silver solution in a baby’s eyes at birth to ward off eye infections. Yvonne began using CS as eye drops, and within 24 hours, her infection was gone and hasn’t returned since. Dr. Farber also tells about a woman who suffered from cystic acne since she was 11. Dermatologists had given her many antibiotics and Accutane, but nothing worked for very long. At 24 she was planning to get married and wanted to look good for her wedding. Yvonne visited Dr. Farber, who gave her CS a month before the big day. Within three weeks, the acne had totally cleared up.


Psoriasis is another skin disorder that doctors find most difficult to subdue because it just seems to come back regularly with annoying itching and scaly skin. A patient of Dr. Farber’s named Susan from Glassport, Pennsylvania, suffered from psoriasis and joint pain called fibromyalgia. Doctors had tried everything from antibiotics to methotrexate (a form of chemotherapy) with no luck. In fact, most of the drugs make Susan feel worse. After three months of using CS, the joint pain was completely gone, and 90% of her psoriasis symptoms had disappeared.


A lady named Patrice from West Milfin, Pennsylvania, read Dr. Farber’s book and decided to try CS on her asthma problem. At the time, she was enrolled in a special program at the medical research center of University of Pittsburgh where new asthma remedies were being treated. After two weeks of taking CS, her asthma symptoms cleared up, She dutifully called the university to cancel her involvement, and the doctor asked her why. When she told him about CS, he showed no interest in it, and quickly excused himself from the phone call. Perhaps they were worried about losing their drug company grant for testing its medicines.


Clinical researchers at the VA hospital in Syracuse, New York, confirmed that the new CS was 10-100 times stronger than the drugs formerly used for killing bacteria.

Fungi can create major aggravations in life when they infect fingers and toenails, skin, scalp and feet. The most common one is athlete’s foot. In 1976 Dr. T.J. Berger found that CS was a powerful anti-fungal agent. One application of CS could stop fungi, such as athlete’s foot, in its tracks.


In 1977, Dr. William Foye showed that CS was great for dealing with Tonsillitis, rhinitis (stuffy or runny nose), and conjunctivitis (pink eye and related eye infections.) Later, researchers used CS to kill syphilis and malaria bacteria. Doctors in hospitals soothed varicose ulcers and bedsores with CS.


Dr. Robert O. Becker, an orthopedic surgeon and a medical professor at both State University of New York and Louisiana State University, is the author of two popular-selling books, Body Electric and Cross Currents. He discovered that a silver impregnated nylon dressing attached to a small battery would cause previously untreatable osteomyelitis and bones that refused to heal quickly. This combination of silver and tiny electric currents worked so well that today, when broken bones refuse to knit, it is standard practice to use Dr. Becker’s electrified silver process.


Dr. Alex Durate reported a personal experience in his newsletter, Health Breakthroughs. His daughter was in a near fatal auto accident that punctured her heart when he was 18. An artificial ring had to be put around one of the heart valves to save her. She knew that some time in the future, she would have to undergo surgery to replace the ring. Years later, while waiting for surgery, her heart muscle was attacked by the Coxsackie virus. Doctors were able to subdue the virus and perform the surgery, but six months later, her heart became re-infected with the virus. In the meantime, Dr. Durate had learned about electrical generated colloidal silver form Dr. Farber and administered colloidal silver to his daughter to ward off the virus. Within a month’s time she recovered and is healthier than ever before.


Dr. John Barltrop of the University of Toronto conducted toxicity tests on rats giving them enormous amounts of CS. He found there were absolutely no toxic effects. The amount he gave the rats (1cc of a solution of 300,000 ppm of CS) was equivalent to 7.500 times the amount Dr. Farber and other scientists found was the proper dose. At one time, the soil in many parts of the country contained minute silver particles. These particles were extracted by plants and passed on to humans and animals.

In 1966 Dr. I.H. Tipton reported in the journal, Health Physics, that the ideal daily intake of silver was between 50mcg (micrograms) and 100 mcg. It’s an important trace mineral used by the body like chromium and selenium. Unfortunately, commercial fertilizers used by farms today only put nitrogen, phosphate and potash back into the soil—no trace minerals. The only place you’ll find sufficient silver in the soil will be close to a silver mine.

Bacteria, fungi and viruses cause a great majority of minor illnesses we have today from runny noses or colds to minor food poisoning. We catch many of these illnesses from being exposed to people as we go thorough our daily routines.

 At the end of the day after brushing your teeth and rinsing them a tsp-tbsp of Colloidal silver will stop dangerous germs, form doing any damage and it will make teeth feel clean and gums healthy. (Hold the CS in your mouth under your tongue for several minutes, so it will be absorbed into the blood stream.)

 Colloidal Silver is especially important with children and the elderly, who don’t have strong immune systems. Use Colloidal Silver on rashes, cuts, burns and etc. it works!


In 1982, Dr. J. Cowlishaw demonstrated that CS would kill a bacteria called Escherichia coli or E. coli. In 1993, E. coli infected hamburgers at a few Jack-In-The-Box fast-food restaurants on the West Coast and killed several people.

Other bacteria can contaminate food and cause minor food poisoning that millions of people experience every year. Usually, this type of food poisoning only makes you stomach uncomfortable, but over 500 people die from food poisoning every year. CS may be handy to have around when you eat something that makes you sick.

Disclaimer: Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem. You should consult your health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems. These pages on colloidal silver are simply a collection of information in the public domain, and presented strictly for informational and educational use only.