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Welcome and please read the best articles I have found on the subject of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver has possibly saved my life!

I hope you read some of the articles I have found on the subject.

      I have used Colloidal Silver for 2 years now. In all this time no doctor, at many different hospitals has been able to explain the complete turn around in my health. Other than the Colloidal Silver I now take.

      I truly believe after 20 years living with hiv that this is the one thing that if developed correctly, could be the best treatment for hiv to come along ever. Not only has my immune system repaired it's self to almost normal levels but my energy has,  returned to normal.


My Story:
    This is my personal story of living with hiv and how CS turned my health around. My Cd4 was 25 and now is 980.

Bacteria Testing:
    Brigham Young University has done some great research into colloidal silver you should read.

Colloidal News:
    Herald of Provo Utah page #1 article on colloidal silver.

CS Report:
    The forgotten Antibiotic.

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